Honda S2000 Makes Impressive Nurburgring Record!

May 02, 2017 06:30 AM EDT | Paul Urban


A car released back in 1999 has been recently tested at the Nurburgring and it returned an impressive record, from Bridge to Gantry. The star of the show is the Honda S2000 as car enthusiasts from YouTube channel tested it on The Ring.

The Honda S2000 was tested by OneLapHeroes and uploaded it on YouTube. It did return an impressive 7:59:8-seconds from Bridge to Gantry time. This is definitely not bad for a car built from 1999. When converted to a full lap, it would result to around 8:35-seconds which are again not bad at all.

Allegedly, the Honda S2000 used at the Nurburgring is not stock. The rear-drive drop top includes the new engine and gearbox mounts, D2 coilovers, Ferodo brake pads, and much more. However, the engine and ECU were not tampered with so the record it made is significantly impressive.

It would entirely be different if a more powerful engine has been used. If that's the case, the record won't be as authentic as expected because the main powerhouse is different from what it came with, taking away the identity of Honda S2000 altogether. As other parts of the car were no longer stock, its 7:59:8-second record is authentic.

OneLapHeroes, Youtube sensation are also responsible for the famous "Ring Banana" MX-5. They also drove the Lamborghini Huracan on the Nurburgring track. Back in 2015, they also came up with the Top 5 Nurburgring Laps. Fast forward to 2017, the record set by the Honda S2000 they tested may easily be part of the Top 5.

There are also few more changes made on the Honda S2000 like lightened flywheel. It also came with track-friendly Kumho V70A tires. All these, coupled with a great driver behind the wheel is a recipe for great performance as evidenced by this recent venture of OneLapHeroes.

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