'Pink' Full Moon Thursday: Lunar Eclipse Expected This Week But Not For The U.S. (WATCH HERE)

Apr 23, 2013 12:26 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro


The April full moon, known as the "pink moon," will occur on Thursday, April 25 according to the Farmer's Almanac.

While the moon doesn't literally turn pink, it has been observed with a pinkish hue occasionally by scientists. If you live in Europe, Asia, or Africa, the full moon will also take place on the same night of a lunar eclipse according to Space.com.

People who live in the U.S. or Canada won't be able to see the eclipse however, since the actual instant the full moon occurs it will be below the horizon.

Those interested in seeing the "pink moon" can click here on Thursday however, as Space.com will live stream the event.

At approximately 2:04 p.m., the moon will meet the Earth's shadow, and around two hours later it will appear under the middle of the shadow. Around then, the moon will rise and be visible to the east-southeast horizon.

This dark shadow's coverage can be described as feeble at best. To the unaided eye, even to those with acute visual skills, it will hardly cause a perceptible dent on the lunar disk," said Joe Rao of Space.com. "However, anyone who glances up at the moon around that time will likely notice that the uppermost part of the disk of the moon will appear smudged or tarnished. This effect will probably fade away by around 5 p.m. EDT."

The full moon of April gets its name from a grass pink or wild ground phlox, which is usually a flower seen at the start or middle of spring according to the Farmer's Almanac.

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