Porsche ‘Macan Turbo’ Review: Classy, Safe And Reliable Vehicle

Mar 29, 2017 04:40 PM EDT | Joyce Vega


Porsche is a company most popular with its high-speed, high-end sports cars, that does not mean that they do not have their eye on the SUV and family car market and the ‘Macan Turbo” is a sign, that Porsche is getting serious about it. Here are the technical specificities and most important highlights of the Porsche “Macan Turbo” 2017.

Carn and Driver have released the full technical specificities of the Porsche “Macan Turbo” 2017. The car is available for purchase in seven different trims. The cheapest one is “Macan Turbo AWD” at price of $48,550 and the most expensive is “Macan Turbo” with performance package, set at the price of $87,495. Here are the technical details on the “Macan Turbo” with performance package. This automobile has four doors, space for five passengers and an all-wheel drive. 3.6-liter turbocharged V-6 engine which produces the stunning power of 440hp driven by a seven speed automatic transmission.

In urban environment, the car burns 17/mpg, and on a highway it reaches up to 23/mpg. On the inside, the car comes with a CD/DVD drive, 11GB of integrated memory storage, 2 USB slots, 2 SD card slots, BOSE Surround sound system with 14 speakers including a subwoofer. Front and rear cup holders, driver foot rest, carpet floor trim, cruise control and many others.

Technically any car looks amazing, but it is Car Magazine that has put the car to a practical test. First and foremost, this is a high car. The sports look has been replaced by a few inches of free space, which allows for travel outside of the first class road network.

Even though it is quite tall, it still leaves the impression of a classy, safe and reliable vehicle. There are no movements, sounds or surprises to ruin the experience of driving. Even though quite fast, it defends its name as a family vehicle by being graciously spacious. There is enough place in the trunk for a long vacation worth of luggage and the car’s body leaves a lot of space for the travelers to feel comfortable with.

Even though a good car, it still has its flaws. First, the bright white color chosen for the vehicle is not suitable for bad weather or off-road trips, as it gets quickly stained. Another problem is the reverse parking camera, which will get instantly dirty as the car is taken onto a dirty road, which renders it useless. Still, the car remains a good urban vehicle and the perfect transportation for big family vacations. The Porsche “Macan Turbo” 2017 is available for purchase now.

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