Three Different Variations of BMW Self-Driving Cars Will Be Revealed In 2021

Mar 18, 2017 12:50 PM EDT | Paula


BMW has a new car up their sleeves, a BMW self-driving car that can drive all by its self in 2021. These unnamed BMW self-driving cars will be key to future driving. Therefore, the company created the car with great features with three different levels of self-driving modes.

Level 3. Car under this level requires drivers but they only intervene under certain conditions. The car would not require that much assistance.

The car can pretty much handle itself compared to normal cars. This BMW self-driving car does not need to be immediately controlled. However, if to does encounter a problem it will need a driver's assistance, according to Automotive News.

Level 4. A car under this level is a fully automated self-driving car. It can drive passengers on one whole trip but if it is faced under worst conditions and environment, it will need a driver's help.

Level 5. This will be the ultimate self-driving car because it does not require any driver assistance. It can navigate cities and highway roads with a breeze, Tech Crunch reported.

Features. The car comes with a camera and Intel depth sensor. The BMW self-driving car also comes with Loomo, a Segway parking robot. Aside from that the car has BMW open mobility cloud, this cool feature allows passengers to interact with the car using gestures.

Test Driving. Critics who have been lucky enough to drive early versions of the car loved it. They consider it a preview to the next wave of autonomous technology.

According to CNBC, this car liberates people from having to keep an eye on the road. It is easier for passengers to do multitask compared driving normal cars.

In a self-driving car, passengers can watch a movie and even make dinner reservations. As mentioned above, the BMW open mobility cloud can even read car information out loud to passengers.

This may be a stuff of science fiction, but self-driving cars are here. The BMW self-driving car may take a lot of getting used to but it is here to make human's life easier.

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