‘The Winds Of Winter’ Latest Update: GRRM Confirms Again The Completion Of ‘TWoW’ In His Blog?

Mar 18, 2017 12:24 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

"The Winds of Winter" has been highly clamored for the past years. Fans of "TWoW" have been amazingly patient in waiting for the long-overdue book from George R.R. Martin. Fortunately now, GRRM seems to have confirmed again the sixth book from "A Song of Ice and Fire" through his recent blog.

George R.R. Martin wrote on the "Not a Blog" section of his official journal site an entry titled "Season 7 Is Coming." The article is actually not about "The Winds of Winter" but an update on the seventh season of "Game of Thrones." GRRM announced the July 16 premiere date of season 7 of "GoT" and other details about the new season.

Although the post was about "Game of Thrones," GRRM mentioned something which seems to have dropped hints about his highly anticipated "The Winds of Winter" novel.

At the start of his post, GRRM opened up with "Seven gods, seven kingdoms, seven books (eventually)....seven seasons." Picking up from the renowned author's statement, the fact that he said, "seven books" sounded so precious to the fans of "TWoW," which is the sixth of the seventh books.

A seemingly short and sweet confirmation. It is interesting to note that George R.R. Martin specified the phrase "seven books" to confirm again the much-awaited sixth book, "TWoW." For the past years, the release date has been kept in the dark, which seems to have killed the fire of hope for the existence of "The Winds of Winter." Some may have already become skeptic regarding the release as the book has been delayed for the longest time.

Now, the recent statement of GRRM has fueled back the fire of excitement for "The Winds of Winter." Fans can look forward to the completion of the sixth book as the author announced there are seven books.

Meanwhile, in our previous report, we have also noted how GRRM has also confirmed to release the book before the term of president Trump ends. Watch out for more updates in our next report.

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