Say Goodbye To Apple AirPods, Samsung Gear IconX Is Here As The Best Wireless Earbud? See What Experts Say

Mar 08, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Paul Urban


In all fairness, Apple always is the culprit behind the best technologies offered in the market today which includes slashing the wires of its earphones. Apple AirPods came in the picture as the best wireless earphones but is now being challenged by Samsung Gear IconX. Samsung is considered a direct threat to Apple and this recent wireless earphone by the Korean tech giant solidifies this rivalry.

According to Gizbot, since the official launch of iPhone 7 late last year, wireless earphones have since been the latest gadget to have. It alleviates the extremely annoying untangling of wires. It also makes for ultra comfortable portability as it comes in just a tiny, little package compared to the wired ones which may need some pouch to protect the wires and prevent it from tangling.

Apple AirPods are big in the market and is still is. That's the beauty of Apple as its appeal lasts long even with the advent of competitors trying to knock it down. Both Apple AirPods and Samsung Gear IconX are two of the best in the market as it gives a balanced competition.

Samsung Gear IconX comes in different sizes. IconX comes in a sleek, smaller, and simpler version. Samsung also made the IconX more compact by giving it a round shape. It also comes in three different ear tip and wing tip sizes such as Large, Medium, and Small based on the user's ear size. To add to its fun appeal, the IconX comes in three different colors: Black, White, and Blue.

Not to be outdone, Apple AirPods boasts of better battery life. Apple claims that their AirPods can last for up five hours of listening on a single charge. The small charging case also holds an additional charge for up to 24 hours. The Samsung Gear IconX is disappointing in this aspect as it only lasts an hour while streaming music and three hours when playing stored music with a single charge.

As the IconX fared miserable in the battery life aspect, it again rises up to the occasion for it being a multitasking device. It is more than just for entertainment purposes. It is, after all, built as fitness earbud so it comes with fitness tracker and is sweat-proof.

In terms of compatibility, both are limited- period. Apple AirPods only works on Apple products like Mac line, iPhone, and iPad. On the other hand, Samsung Gear IconX only works with devices having Android KitKat version or above and a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM.

As added by Spec Out by Graphiq, AirPods is considered to have higher impedance compared to Samsung Gear IconX. This means it needs more power to produce higher volumes for the ultimate listening experience. High impedance headphones/earbuds mean it may not be able to reach the maximum volume with devices such as MP3 players and other smartphones.

Lengthy comparison, but yields a clear winner? Maybe so. Nothing beats the original as Apple AirPods came into the picture ahead of Samsung Gear IconX, however, in this case, IconX wins by a small margin primarily because of its versatility and multitasking abilities. Sure, it is more expensive than the AirPods, but extra cash is worth it for additional functions it offers. See if the video below agrees with the experts' reviews.

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