iOS 10 Update And Features; iOS 11 Rumored Release and Culling Of 10,000 Apps

Feb 20, 2017 08:57 AM EST | Mark Navarro


Apple's iOS 10 releases updates for its mobile operating system and iOS11 speculations leaks. The previous iOS 10.2.1 becomes clearer that it was not only created to prevent hackers from entering the device and its kernel but also for protection wise for users.

The iOS 10 is the tenth release of Apple's operating system succeeding from iOS 9. It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, 2016 and released on September 13, 2016. Some features that came with the iOS 10 were additional Emojis, third party functions in other apps, and a new design look.

According to Cydia, Apple releases an update for its operating system, the iOS 10.2.1, where hackers are prevented to modify or access the device. It will also fix flaws in the Wi-Fi and Contacts to stop anyone to use holes in the security to access a users device and potentially take information such as pictures and emails.

Furthermore, itPro writes that the next operating system for the iPhone, the iOS 11, may lead to a cull of tens of thousands of older applications. With the Worldwide Developers Conference coming up in early June, Apple could potentially launch a new operating system for their flagship device.

Speculations are floating around that the iOS 10.3 is warning users that 32-bit apps would not function in the near future. App developers must upgrade it to be more compatible.  Apple switched from 32-bit apps to 64-bit apps with the release of the iPhone 5s on 2013.  Sensor Tower, an app analytics, confirms that 28% of the apps in the App Sore has not been updated nearly for two years.

The update of the iOS 10.2.1 was creating a more privacy protection for iPhone users. A potential iOS 10.3 would strongly implement that applications now must run in 64-bit. The iOS 11 is still unclear on what its new features would be, but if it continues the trend of the iOS 10.3, then about 10,000 older applications might be culled out. 

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