Google Android Wear 2.0 Update Is Now Rolling Out And It Comes Packed With Awesome Features

Feb 15, 2017 10:30 AM EST | JP Olvido

Android Wear 2.0 is finally out and it packs a lot of new features absent in the previous version. The software has been upgraded to be more intuitive, functional, and self-dependent.

Android Wear 2.0 features and other details. Ever since its launch in 2014, the software has been plagued with issues that include poor power efficiency. Users had also been reported to have struggled with the unintuitive operating system.

The Wear 2.0 software update has started rolling out this week. It is considered the biggest update to the Wear operating system since its launch and is expected to address what the previous version failed to.

One particular feature of Wear 2.0 that stands out is the ability to download apps directly onto the watch from the new Play Store which is accessible on it. Wear 2.0 apps will work on compatible smartwatches whether connected to an iOS or Android smartphones. AccuWeather, Google Messenger, Google Fit, Runkeeper, Telegram, Play Music, and Uber are just some of the apps that a user would be able to download onto the smartwatch.

Also, the software now allows a user to make calls on the smartwatch so as long as it has a built-in 3G/4G cellular connection. This capability will work regardless of where the smartphone it is connected to is.

The new software now includes Google Assistant which is currently only found on Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. For now, Wear 2.0's Google Assistant only supports English and German with support for more languages to be added in the succeeding months.

The update brings with it refreshed watch faces. The new watch faces will now pack in more information such as fitness goals, calendar appointments, and reminders, and contacts to name a few. The type of information shown on the watch face can be customized to fit the wearer's preference.

The update will be available to only a number of Android smartwatches such as the Asus ZenWatch 2 and 3, Fossil Q Founder, 2nd generation Moto 360, New Balance RunIQ, and Tag Heuer Connected. The new LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, both of which Google co-designed, will come with Android Wear 2.0 already installed.

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