Volvo Seeks Volunteers To Test Their First Driverless Car

Feb 05, 2017 05:30 AM EST | Joyce Vega


Following the recent success of Tesla and its driverless models, Volvo is entering the market with their own driverless car. The carmaker plans to start selling the vehicle in 2020/2021. But it will come at a hefty price.

As reported by The Guardian, major car manufacturer Volvo will soon test its own driverless vehicles. There are ongoing tests in Gothenburg Sweden where Volvo has set up a website so people can register. The Swedish carmaker told The Guardian that they aim to make the operation of a self-driving car as easy as using a smartphone. The test they plan to do will be the largest one so far by the automobile industry. At the moment they are seeking professionals of different age groups, usually people that commute to or from west London via the M40, M4, M25 or A4.

Volvo told The Guardian that the cars will drive themselves on motorways and dual carriageways, giving the people ability to prepare for work, read the newspaper or just update their social media. However, drivers will take over control as soon as they get into London. The vehicle will signal them well before so the driver can do it safely. Volvo says there will be no need of additional training or driving tests.

The car will be equipped with a protective firewall that would ensure that the steering, braking, and acceleration cannot be hacked. It will use a combination of cameras, radar transmitters, sensors, laser scanners, 3D maps and GPS to make the self-driving car much safer. There will also be “black boxes” that will help establish whether the vehicle technology or the driver is to blame if any accidents occur.

Insurance Business Magazine reported that the UK government is currently preparing a new law that will address the insurance issues for driverless cars. In late January Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said that the proposed legislation will deal with liability concerns in accidents involving driverless cars.

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