iPhone 5S Photos Leaked, Similar To iPhone 5 Design, Rumored Release Dates Revealed (SEE PHOTOS)

Dec 05, 2012 02:10 PM EST | Matt Mercuro

Rumors have been making their way around the web that the iPhone 5S will begin production possibly by the end of December, and now a French website is claiming to have pictures of the next iPhone.

Click here to view the supposed photos of the iPhone 5S on the Nowhereelese.fr website first reported by CNET.

If the photos prove to be the real design for the iPhone 5S than the exterior really isn't much different than the iPhone 5 model that was released just this past September. The pictures also compare the iPhone 5 to the 5S model and reveal that the devices are only slightly different inside and on the bottom of the phone. 

Apple has yet to respond to the media about the leaked photographs to determine if they are in fact the next Apple device. The company had been feeling the pressure in November to release a new iPhone due to slow production of the iPhone 5 and many customers choosing different options because of it. Things have gotten better for Apple over the past week however according to DigiTimes. 

Apple has reportedly been better as of late keeping up with orders for the iPhone 5, as shipping delays were decreased from four to six weeks to two to four business days. The company hasn't said why the delay is shorter now, but that could be bad news for those hoping to get their hands on the iPhone 5S.

If the company feels satisfied with the overall production process and sales keep up, they may hold off on releasing the phone until around the same time the iPhone 5 was released. A late September release would keep the company on its usual phone release calendar.

Apple has been harder to predict the past few months however, as they released the iPad 3 just seven months after releasing the iPad 2.

Another reason they may release the phone early could be to keep up with other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has actually remained more popular than the iPhone 5 in certain places around the world.

Click here to read about the Galaxy S3 beating Apple again for overall November sales.

Most feel that the iPhone 5S will essentially be a mixture of the iPhone 4S and 5 designed to keep Apple users satisfied until another completely refurbished iPhone is released. 

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