Google Pixel & Mac Users File Transfer Problems, Updates To Fix 'Minor' But Inconvenient Bugs Pushed

Jan 16, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Rebecca Pearson


Google Pixel users are already embattled with a host of problems to include battery issues, bugs in the system and a faulty camera. Now, there's another technical glitch that Pixel owners have to contend with as the device is apparently experiencing file transfer problems, but only when using the smartphone with a Mac computer.

According to Android Headlines, users of Google Pixel have reported trouble connecting the unit to their Mac computers whenever they do a file transfer. The issue has been discussed extensively on Reddit threads as well as the Android developers' forum.

Some initially believed that it's a problem in the Mac OS, as Google Pixel's file transfer works seamlessly on Windows laptops and computers. Some also say that this is expected as Android phones aren't supposed to be 100 percent compatible with Mac devices.

But an investigation has revealed that the issue is not a device problem. It's neither on the end of Google Pixel or Mac.

Rather, users do the file transfer using the application Android File Transfer, which is also available for Mac OS. The problem is that this app has not been updated since 2012 and it came before USB specifications were introduced to consumers.

9 to 5 Google did some trial and error tests and found out that the app is without any USB Type-C support, given its last update. The site also indicated that this is just a "minor bug" but still, it is inconveniencing users. It is calling on the developers of the app to actually make an update as soon as possible.

Barring this, however, what can Google Pixel and Mac users do in the meantime to avoid file transfer problems? A viable option would be to use the HandShaker application, which is supposed to work compatibly with Google Pixel and Mac computers. Learn about the problem in the video below. 

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