Beyerdynamic Audiophile Earbuds Face An Escalating Struggle

Jan 11, 2017 12:34 PM EST | Joyce Vega

At CES 2017, people got the chance to see a lot of wireless headphones and devices with the newest technology but they surely did not expect to see old sonic engineering headphones from the veteran headphone gurus at Beyerdynamic with the new Xelento remote in ears.

With the technology advancing so quickly, who would think that they will get the chance to see a handmade remote audiophile in-ears at this year’s CES show, as to what Digital Trends reported. Beyerdynamic managed to create for hi-res audiophile brand Astell & Kern dubbed the Ak Ti8E and the Xelento uses a shrunken-down version of the company’s story Tesla dynamic moving coil driver. The driver creates an elegant and thrilling sonic experience. The Tesla driver has an efficient and transparent sound signature all the way across its 8Hz – 48k Hz frequency response. The driver contains metallic shell while the sound source has removable layer cable sheathed in Kevlar. These handmade earphones cost $1.000 and people expect them to be available in February.

According to The Verge, these earphones have the same Tesla technology and have a much more portable package. But, their price is very high which is still unknown where the market will put them. Beyerdynamic said that such progress can no longer be perceived with the naked eye but it can scarcely be hidden from the ear. Beyerdynamic’s agenda will be an update to its MMX 300 gaming headset with the second generation MMX 300 all black color scheme. The headset’s cable is detachable. Another thing the company gave people the chance to see is their gaming headset, Custom Game. This headphone set is bringing the slider for adjusting the bass response. People who can afford this kind of devices can also choose a color by their choice for $210 from February 2017.

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