Opcom Farm’s GrowBox And GrowWall Enables To Raise Vegetable Crops Indoors

Jan 09, 2017 06:30 AM EST | Lasitha

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People across the world tend to agree that there is nothing comparable to the taste of home-grown produce. It is not only fresher but one exactly knows what went into it. It also gives the choice for the person to grow the exact varieties of herbs and veggies that they like the best. However, the problem is the unavailability of land to grow the veggies. However, there is a solution to this now. With a hydroponic system from Opcom Farms, one can grow lots of vegetables indoors. The company is showing a variety of such products at CES, starting with the GrowBox, the GrowWall, and its latest product, the GrowFrame.

Opcom recommends growing leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, and cabbage; fruits such as strawberries and cherry tomatoes; peppers; cucumbers; sprouts, including wheatgrass and alfalfa; and all types of herbs. Opcom's products help the plants to draw nutrients through their roots directly from the water, so there is never any need to bring soil into the house. One needs to simply fill a reservoir with water, add nutrients, and let the plants grow, reported PC World.

The GrowFrame, which is available at $199, can rest on a table or countertop or hang on the wall. So having less space in/around the house will not stop anyone from growing plants. Using this, up to 33 plants can be grown. If it is installed in the kitchen, one can pluck whatever is needed for the dish that is being cooked. Opcom says you can also plant succulents in the GrowFrame and hang it on the wall as living art that will also clean your indoor air, reported Techhive.

The GrowFrame can rest on a table or countertop or hang on a wall. If there is more space available, the GrowBox ($499) can accommodate up to 50 plants, including tall and vining plants up to three feet high. The GrowBox has a 4.2-gallon water tank and a pump that automatically oxygenates the water. With four LED lights, it can be placed nearly anywhere in your home, including the garage. If there is even more space, one can opt for Opcom's ladder-like GrowWall which leans against a wall and can grow up to 75 plants on five levels with a very small footprint.

The GrowBox monitors water and nutrient levels, light, and Ph levels and can send an alert to its mobile app if anything needs tweaking or attention. Opcom also has a new accessory for its GrowBox and GrowWall products: The Digital Gardening Kit includes a digital camera that can create time-lapse videos of the plants growing from seed to harvest.

The GrowWall is Opcom Farm's biggest hydroponic system, but it has the smallest footprint. It can support up to 75 plants. Opcom mainly attracts city dwellers who don't have outdoor space.

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