First Look On Razer's Projects Ariana

Jan 07, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado


Just like the past Consumer Electronics Show, Razer always brings up briiliant future tech and devices. This year, another project is being showcased by Razer, an in-room projector that expands gameplay with lights, colors and high-definition sound.

During the show at Las Vegas, Razer confirmed that Project Ariana can be used as an ordinary 4K projector, but that is not its primary purpose. Project Ariana is a prototype video projector that lets gamers extend in-game stats or movie experiences outside the screen onto the physical world.

Back in the previous CES, Microsoft showcased a concept called IllumiRoom. It uses Kinect to extend gaming beyond the TV screen and onto walls, but Microsoft did not release it in a mass level. Razer's Project Ariana is a successor of IllumiRoom, and when used for gaming, it enhances content experience.

Project Ariana's core is Razor Chroma, a configurable smart lighting platform which the company has already included into its gaming keyboards, gaming mice and laptops. Project Ariana uses the ultra-wide 155-degree fisheye lens and two 3D depth-sensing cameras to detect where the screen is and maps projections around it.

Developers are already showing some excitement, by way of partnering with companies like Philips. The company sees this as a great way of expanding its existing ecosystem of Chroma-lit accessories.

In addition with Chroma's expansion to gamers' rooms, Razer is also expanding Chroma's support to third parties. Razer is working with developers to add the Chroma app support to stellar games like Overwatch and more.

Razer confirms that it already has several hardware partners lined up to support Chroma, including Lenovo, NZXT, Antec, Lian Li, Wicked Lasers, and Nanoleaf. Some of these companies have already helped Razer in its past releases, so this collaboration isn't too surprising.

Razer is yet to confirm the pricing and its official release. Project Ariana is currently in a concept form, so it might take some time before Razer is ready for its production.

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