Bufori Cars: Malaysia Struggling To Keep Up With Auto Orders

Oct 11, 2012 11:11 AM EDT | Matt Mercuro


If you have a lot of money and hope to purchase a Bufori Motors vehicle from Malaysia, don't hold your breath. You may be waiting awhile.  

Interested buyers have been told they may have to wait two full years to receive their vehicle. The car costs anywhere between $150,000 to well over $300,000 mainly because the entire car can be customized to satisfy almost anything a buyer wishes for.  

For example, the company received a request from a woman to have her vehicle customized with tea-making and aromatherapy features according to Reuters. They happily obliged.

"I love drinking Chinese tea. The car allows me to make tea and drink it while I'm travelling," said eHong Tan to Reuters. "Both features are unique and satisfying comforts that I had always wanted."

The car is not a hot seller in the auto market mainly due to its steep price, but for those who can afford the car in Asia, have plenty to be happy about. Being able to control literally everything about the vehicle you purchase is a dream for most people that aren't celebrities, but since 1987 it has slowly become a reality for certain parts of the world.

Since 2010, the company has grown drastically and has been receiving more orders than they are able to handle. China and the Middle East are the two biggest markets for the custom car company, though countries places in Europe and Japan aren't far behind according to Reuters.

The wait for the vehicle is another problem, as the company has seen many people cancel their order or ignore them all together to purchase a car they can drive sooner. They stress to interested customers that the wait is worth it in the end.

Another selling point they try to get across to people is that all of the cars are handmade; no machines are involved in the process. While this means things won't get done faster, it allows the company to personalize each car to make sure each one is exactly as it was ordered.

One of their models for example called the Bufori Geneva takes approximately 9,000 hours to finish, while the Bufori La Joya takes 3,500 hours to complete.

The company said they simply don't have enough workers to complete them quicker, but they are hoping to open more factories within the next couple of years.

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