Ford Self-Driving Car News & Updates: Car Company Bring Self Driving Experiment Overseas

Dec 01, 2016 03:20 AM EST | April Rhose Binos

As people are getting busier with their lives, trying to cope up with the fast paced environment, people often forgot to give quality time for his family, friends and to himself. Thanks to the inventors and manufacturers who never get tired of thinking of ways on how to make people's life easier.

Ford just announces that they are going to take their self-driving car to Europe. They want people realize how these vehicles can be of a necessity to their day to day living. From the survey conducted, it seems like people are thrilled to experience getting these vehicles. Ford aims to test the differences of each places so they would know how these vehicles can adapt to its environment.

Last December, Ford enrolled in the Autonomous Vehicle Testing Program in the California. It has been testing its autonomous vehicles come part of the U.S. But recently, Ford announced that by 2017, they are going to test and bring its self-driving vehicles to Europe aiming to commercialize the vehicle.

Fortune reported that Thomas Lukaszewicz, manager of the automated driving unit at Ford of Europe said that the self-driving cars is one of the keys that can change people's lives, especially when it comes to commuting. Self-driving cars has a capability of navigating without the need of a human intervention and it has sensory controls to navigate on its own, thus, people can save lots of energy while commuting. Lukaszewicz said that people can begin to think how these vehicles can be help lessen the burden of people's lives.

Penn Schoen Berland, conducted a survey from the people of France, Germany, Nowray, Spain and UK, on how these autonomous vehicles can be of help to them. According to ZDNet, Berland said that of the 5,000 who participated from the survey, people answered that instead of having a hard time driving, they would have enjoyed the scenery, relaxed or talked on the phone and ate a meal.

Lukaszewicz said that it is significant to check and test the vehicles in Europe to see the variations from the traffic signs to the road layouts. They also want to know the viewpoint of other drivers or cyclists in Europe towards their self-driving cars.

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