'Pokemon GO' vs 'Clash Of Clans': Supercell Puts Up A Fight With Niantic

Nov 30, 2016 06:30 AM EST | Sharee Ann Narciso-Tolentino

Before "Pokemon Go" became all the rage worldwide, "Clash of Clans" was the top mobile game. Now, Supercell is going all in to reclaim its throne by releasing an update this December.

Fans are calling it total annihilation. The "Pokemon Go" vs "Clash Of Clans" battle is still brewing and this time, Supercell is coming in hot. This coming December, the CoC developer is bringing the latest update to guarantee its loyal fans - as well as those it has lost - that there will be more to the game.

Niantic's "Pokemon G" was exactly what gamers wanted. It was launched at the right time, when CoC developers were pretty happy with themselves and needed the right nudge to get them back to the drawing boards.

The new CoC update has officially been announced in the Supercell forums. We already know that there will be brand new items and units, as well as a new gameplay add-on. Gamers can heal damaged shipwrecks. Doing this can give them valuable resources. The update will also create new goals for the players, which can keep "Clash of Clans" significant in the gaming community.

On top of this, there are still a lot of rumors going around about what else could possibly be included in the patch. These include a new mini game called Clash-A-Rama. The official "Clash of Clans" Twitter account posted a photo and hashtag about it, but did not go into detail as to what it means.

Until a new press announcement comes out, we can agree that these are still rumors. One thing is for sure, Supercell guarantees that there will be "major changes" in the game.

The question remains: Will the December update be substantial enough for players to go back to CoC and ditch "Pokemon Go?" How will the "Pokemon Go" vs "Clash of Clans" battle end as 2017 gets closer? With both game developers' updates hanging over our heads, we will all just have to wait and see.

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