The Possible Solution To The Anticipated Charging Problem Of EC [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 07:26 AM EST | Sharon Joymie Raynes

Many years ago when an Electric car was introduced to the market it seems like they will be reversing the thoughts of the people and the needs of the people. But then something is coming up and an unexpected thing might happen. And the time came that only Tesla remained as the major player when it comes to electric car. Though there are still some Traditional automakers tried to be in the market for Electric cars, only a small percent bought and tried their car and even the car market itself a little percent is for the electric cars.

Since it is now on the second wave of this kind of car, the weakness and the things that needs to be improved has been addressed. The thing is it will cost the automakers billions of dollars to improve it and produce on the assumption that this kind of car will evolve in the coming years. Though this car can travel up to 200 miles with a charge, charging is still their main concern.

Tesla already made an extensive supercharger fast-charging network that will only need an hour to be fully charge, access on this is free for Tesla owners only. Gathered information from Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

This charging issue for Electric cars is an expensive thing it is like opening a gas station that can accommodate other types of electric cars. Since Tesla is the only company that open a free charging what will happen to the other brands? The problem about this kind of car seems to be an issue now, in charging itself. Users might have a trouble where to find a charging station for them to still use their cars. Nevertheless the companies will surely make a resolution about this anticipated problem. Since there are still some companies who wants to join or collaborate with Electric Car Company.

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