Tesla Model 3 And Nissan Leaf : 4 Key Differences [VIDEO]

Oct 27, 2016 07:30 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco


Tesla Model 3 released has already been pushed to late 2017 for early birds, and in 2018 for those who didn't make the early cut-off. Nissan has yet to release a 2017 edition for its Leaf. Both EV makers seem to be calibrating their products well in the race towards the best-selling EV within the $35,000 to $38,000 range.

However, we have to realize the two EVs may not actually each other's equal match. The key differences are laid out as follows.

Sedan vs Hatchback?

The Tesla Model 3 is a sedan whereas, the Nissan Leaf is a hatchback. It is obviously an unequal match within plain view.

The Price Range

Nissan Leaf has yet to confirm a new version for release. Right now, the Nissan Leaf SV sells for $37,288. Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, starts at $35,000.

That's already $2,000 markup between the two EVs. A Recent announcement on Tesla Model 3's full self-driving capability has not confirmed whether it will result in a price increase.

Charging Stations vs Charging On Your Own

Tesla has a wide network of "Supercharging" stations all over the country. This gives Tesla Model 3 and all models a huge advantage over all other EVs. Nissan EV owners are left with the only choice of charging at their own, for now at least.

Now for cross-country trips using their Nissan Leaf, perhaps motels should come up with fees for those who have to charge their cars.

Acceleration and Range

Nissan's 60-kWh battery is way behind Tesla's P100 battery at 100-kWh. This is just sufficient though for city driving or for trips just around town.

The former does have an edge when it comes to the range, though. Nissan's recent drive-test (though not confirmed for a 2017 Nissan Leaf or its ID concept) claims a 250 plus mile range whereas the Tesla Model 3 is only at 215 miles.

There have been so many speculations about these two EVs. We can't really there if the two were each other's apt nemesis. The Tesla Model 3 is soon to arrive. Until then will never know until its performance has been put to the test.

Tesla recently declared a huge profit from its latest quarter report, according to Reuters. Hopefully, this will bring the Model 3 earlier to its buyers.

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