Donald Trump vs. SNL: Did Alec Baldwin Cross The Line?

Oct 17, 2016 08:26 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

The Donald Trump vs. SNL feud just got more intense with the presidential candidate dismissing the show as a snoozefest while accusing the media of plotting his loss in the upcoming elections.

The Republican candidate finally caught up with the entire buzz surrounding Saturday Night Live's parody of the recent presidential debate and he's not all smiles.

In a post that he made yesterday over Twitter, Trump fumed over the lampoon by saying that it 'stinks'. He was referring to Alec Baldwin who portrayed the presidential candidate in the skit.

Trump even went on and accused SNL and the media as conspiring against him by allegedly manipulating the whole election, the BBC reports.

A portion of the viral skit which fueled the Donald Trump vs. SNL commotion features Trump throwing a jab at Hilary Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) by talking about her husband Bill's alleged mistresses. Hilary then played it off coolly and while she is making her rebuttal, Trump is seen acting lurking around behind her as if he was a shark from the movie 'Jaws'.

Other references on Trump that were included during the SNL episode include the candidate's infamous statement about telling voters to vote on November 28 instead of the 8th.

Trump's actions were a reference to his movement in the debate stage as well as Clinton's accusation about him stalking her, ABC News reports.

Since his appearance on the comedy show, Alec Baldwin has particularly received rave reviews for his impersonation of Trump. That is why some netizens online disagree with Trump's reaction towards the spoof. Over Twitter, user Chris_PoV even described Baldwin's performance as 'on point'.

From the looks of it, the Donald Trump vs. SNL saga might still go on for some time. The presidential candidates are set to meet for one last debate on October 20th so expect an SNL spoof to follow.

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