Pixel Phone by Google: Unboxing Tradition, Its 7 Advantages Over the iPhone

Oct 16, 2016 04:09 PM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco

Pixel Phone Google Unboxing Series

Those who has received their phones thru "pre-orders" have started to take unboxing videos online. However, those with 2G connectivity should not fret. We've taken snap-shots of the videos and turned it into a 'slow-connection' friendly viewing gallery. Enjoy!

Here are the Pixel Phone Google's 7 Advantages over the iPhone, enumerated.

It has an amazing "DxO mark rated" camera

It got a rating higher than the iPhone 7, by six points. The Pixel Phone by Google got eighty-nine during the rate. A lot of juxtaposed reviews alongside the iPhone 7, may initially favor Apple's phone. However, for the expert's eye Pixel's camera is definitely a notch ahead from the iPhone 7.

Pixel Phone, Google's charges for only fifteen minutes, good for seven hours or usage

It is time to bid overnight-charging farewell! In just fifteen minutes, or let's say while having breakfast in the morning - your phone is good for the entire day.

It has UNLIMITED storage offered through "Google's" cloud platform

It will mean that there will be no need to delete photos ever. That will definitely be good news for "selfie" fanatics.

Pixel Phone by Google is "Daydream" VR compatible!

It is literally virtual-reality at your fingertips. The cost will be around seventy-nine dollars, if you want this full experience. This would also mean that it has a seamless compatibility across all Google producs int he market to date. This includes Google's Chrome, Chromecast, Google Home and Google Wi-fi.

It has a proprietary "Google Assistant" software

This feature for now appears exclusive for Pixel phones. This is not exactly good for everyone to know. It may probably mean that bosses will now be ditching their secretaries for this. Note to assistants, time to get a "new" job, just in case.

Well, it has a 3.5 mm 'headset jack'

I guess readers will get the point by now. There is no need for an elaboration on this part.

And more good news! No reported Pixel phone explosion has been reported ... YET

There are no reports of any Android or Nexus phone explosion or heavy malfunction complaints to date.

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