Mustang Cars: Top 5 Designs Of All Time

Oct 14, 2016 09:03 PM EDT | Sovan Mandal

If there is one car that can serve as the best depiction of the American muscle cars, none perhaps can come close to the Ford Mustang. It clearly is the stuff that legends are made of. It is not just speed or outright acceleration that the Mustang down the decades has come to be known for. Rather, it's the sheer image and presence they carry that can make the Mustang stand out from the rest.

Mentioned here are five of the best designed Mustang ever to be released.

1. Ford Mustang California Special

Launched in 1968, Mustang California Special was built in honor of the state of California. It borrowed a lot of style cues from the Shelby Mustang though the car's under the hood characteristics continued to be the same. Also referred to the as the GT/CS, the 2016 model has turned out to be just as enchanting as the original and can easily be classified as the best Mustang ever.

2. 1970 Mustang Boss 429

With racing instincts built into its DNA, the Boss 429 allows for unprecedented levels of performance. It essentially is a race car in disguise and was built in response to the Chevy Camaro that had started to get the better of the Mustangs of the time. The 429 actually signified the 429 cubic-inch V8 engine it came with that churned out 375 hp of power along with tons of torque. Apart from the 429, the Boss series comprised of the 302 and 351 as well. 

23. Ford Mustang Mach 1

Of course, it couldn't reach Mach 1 speeds but the name was enough to convey its high-speeds credentials. Originally launched in 1969, Ford had made available a trio of V8 options for the Mach 1. The next Mach 1 iterations launched in 1971 to was accompanied by a trio of V8 engines which included the infamous 428 cubic-inches Cobra jet as well, Auto Guide reported.

4. Mustang Bullitt

The Mustang Bullitt's claim to fame is its sharing screen space with actor Steve McQueen in the movie of the same name, Bullitt. That, however, does not mean the car is a slouch by any means and can set tracks on fire just as any other in the Mustang clan. Another of the Bullitt's most distinguishing feature was its dark green color scheme, something that continues with later iterations of the car as well.

5. Shelby GT350

First launched in 1965, the Shelby GT350 easily is one of the most iconic of all Mustangs. One of the most identifiable aspects of the GT350 happens to be its Wimbledon White exterior color job, with the Guardsman Blue rocker stripes running across the length of the car. The original car featured a 289-cubic-inch V8 borrowed from the Mustang but tweaked to produce a meaty 306 hp.

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