Tinder Date Gone Wrong Updates: Victim May Have Been Locked In Fear Which Led to Fall

Oct 14, 2016 05:32 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

Investigations into the case about a Tinder meetup in Australia which led to the death of Warriena Wright took some turns when it was revealed that it was fear of her date that triggered the incident.

This was opposed to the initial findings wherein Gable Gostee, Wright's Tinder date, contested that Wright tried to throw stones and a telescope at him when their encounter turned sour in his apartment.

Glen Cash, the prosecutor of Wright's case, argued that Gostee left the victim with no other option but to climb down from the suspect's balcony on the 14th floor after he allegedly arrested her there.

During the trial which took place earlier this week, audio recordings of their date were played and Wright's screams after being locked up in the balcony indicated that she was terrified of Gostee. Unfortunately, Wright wasn't able to bring her phone with her when this happened which led to climbing down the apartment as a means to escape.

Wright's fall led to 80 sustained injuries. Reports of their alcohol levels on the day of the incident were also revealed. According to the Business Times, Wright's blood alcohol level reached to 0.156% which is beyond the prescribed levels for driving by US law standards.

With this, Wright was considered to be legally drunk and her attempt to climb down in order to escape was basically impossible to achieve. This was one of the angles used by Gostee's defendant Saul Holt in refuting the prosecution's claims, ABC News reports.

Holt also argued that the decision to climb down was on her own volition as the intention to lock Wright up was solely based on pacifying her considering that they were both drunk.

They have also described Wright's reaction to being locked up as slightly exaggerated, taking into consideration that she attempted to climb down a few seconds after she was detained.

The much-publicized Tinder date gone wrong case is currently on trial and results are expected to come in as soon as possible. Gostee may possibly face life imprisonment if found guilty.

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