Awkward ‘Jeopardy’ Moment: Alex Trebek Shades Contestant For Weird Hobby

Oct 14, 2016 05:31 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

It looks like somebody just got in jeopardy on "Jeopardy".

On the Wednesday episode of NBC's longtime running game show, host Alex Trebek threw some major shade at a contestant for some of her rather peculiar interests.

During the interview portion, contestant Susan Cole described herself as a massive 'nerdcore hip-hop' fan. Intrigued as to what it is, Trebek engaged Cole on to telling more about it because, from the word alone - 'nerdcore' - the host already thought that it is remotely fun, MSN reports.

Cole, being triggered into talking about one of her hobbies, went into a nerd rage and began describing the genre in the best way she could to make it appeal to Trebek. According to her, nerdcore hip-hop is somewhat a subculture of being a nerd but it has hip-hop undertones, particularly rapping about their interests including science fiction, video games, and even about the fact that nerds have a difficult time finding a love life.

Immediately after Cole had said her piece, the "Jeopardy" host went on full burn mode with an unexpectedly harsh clap back.

"Losers in other words," Trebek said.

This hilarious moment on television caught the attention of netizens. On Twitter, user @TerrellDidThis posted a video of the exact dialogue in "Jeopardy". So far, the post has been retweeted 13,000 times, making it a hit with the online community.

Cole, who works as a legislative librarian (no surprise there), played it cool and just laughed at the game show host's response.

And to top it off, she ended up winning that day's episode and took home with her $20,600 according to TV Line. It is quite expected for a contestant who's a self-confessed nerd to ace a show about general knowledge trivia.

Cole will be returning on Jeopardy's Thursday episode so it seems like Trebek will get more "nerdcore hip-hop" realness from the librarian.

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