Battlefield 1 to 7 Day Countdown Begins

Oct 14, 2016 04:33 AM EDT | Louise

The long wait is almost over since EA confirmed the Battlefield 1 game release will be on October 21, 2016. Die-hard gamers are all ears and eyes on the game updates and gameplay, as well as the release is concerned.

Seven days is not that long, but counting down is. The agony of waiting, the thrill and excitement are hard to contain, even with pre-ordering available is not enough neither is an option, that is why Origin and the developers made a possible way for gamers to take a sneak peek and enjoy the game before it will be officially released.

Origin has allowed access to the game without pre-ordering, with 10 hours of game time, just to have an experience with a two-campaign mission that will satisfy the need of the players temporarily until Battlefield 1's official release, a preview and of course a marketing strategy to gain more interested gamers.

How to Find the Game

Just go over to the Origin's official website, sign-up or log-in and download for the Battlefield 1 client, the trial version is up for grabs so hurry up. The client will only allow 10 hours of gameplay, but it is still worth it to download the trial version, even if it just for a limited time, but the game isn't restricted, you can still play on mission campaigns and multiplayer game.

The Good News

Even though the gameplay has limited allocated for gaming, but the perk of having to download the trial is worth it, whatever points or levels you garnered from the game will still be carried over once the game has been released and once you ordered and download the official game. So, technically no time has been wasted.

The Price

The price for pre-ordering the Standard game is $69.90. Deluxe Edition will be for $109.90 and Ultimate Edition for $166.80.

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