American Horror Story: The Big Twist

Oct 14, 2016 04:32 AM EDT | Louise

Everyone is dying to know what on earth just happened. The fans are eagerly waiting for this twist all season, but after episode 6 it just left them jaw dropped-hanging. As far as the season was concerned, the fans would notice that starting with season 6, the show was changing, twists unfolds, and mystery yet is solved.

The Roanoke

The new chapter will be more on history text, following the story of Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe), her husband Matt (Andre Holland) and his sister Lee (Adina Porter). The story will take place in 2016 after Matt and Shelby moved from Los Angeles to North Carolina after Shelby suffered a miscarriage. It was when the couple moved into their new home that they found videotapes of the previous owner documenting all the horrifying and terrifying occurrence that happened there.

The truth behind Roanoke

AHS Roanoke might be petrifying and paralytic, but it isn't entirely based on an actual true story. The Roanoke Colony, also known as the Lost Colony, were said to be responsible for the death and disappearance of a total of "117 men, women, and children." Even a psychic place, a banishment curse to the Roanoke for all the occurrences.

What we know

During the 16th century the English settlement off the shore of the Roanoke Island, now known as North Carolina. The island was abandoned by the English, due to the fact that the people are slowly disappearing with no traces. Studies have shown that it might be in fact, that the Croatians (American Native Tribe), from the neighboring parts, might have been the perpetrators. It was either they killed them or force them to join the tribe.  

Theory of the Ghost

It could be that the ghost appearances and cursed land were just stories made up by Great Britain in order to cover up the losses of what have truly happened. It would be shameful for their part to tell their countrymen of the starvation and their defeat so they came up with a version that discouraged the people from coming and taking back the land they settled in.

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