2016 Ford Focus RS Review: Almost The Power Of A Muscle Car In A Compact Package

Sep 23, 2016 08:55 AM EDT | Claire Ann Austria

Ford Focus RS 2016

One of the most anticipated hot hatches of 2016 – the new Ford Focus RS.
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Ford aims to make your adrenaline high as it unveils the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS. This year, Ford has step up into another milestone of producing cars for the natural born racers around the globe.  

Engine's on, seat belts locked. And as you stride in the accelerator, the sound knocks your ear and seems to really invite you to clutch in the first gear and start to drive like you own the world. Driving, you just simply want to shout, 'Hey! I'm the king of this road!'


Ford's RS label (Rallye Sport) originated from 1970 during the time when Uncle Sam started to indulge in rallying which pushed manufacturer like them to speed up not only during the competition, but also in producing super cars. The name RS is alongside with then famous Escort RS1800, whose name is reigning in racing world of competition. Nearly moments from then on, a manufacturer took out the winning car's title as its business name.

Nowadays, an impression for a car that is tagged as RS implies that its performance is way beyond to greatness we can never imagine.

Ford, with its Focus RS 2016, has really emerged and pushed its limit to upsize their recently released third-generation Focus RS, as the latter is outfitted with an advanced all-wheel-drive system.

To be manufactured in Germany, it is the first RS that will be sold exclusively around the world. This includes US. Not to forget that each will be shipped with an engine that is Mustang-sourced, 2.3-liter and an EcoBoost. To highlight once again, 300 horsepower is the amount of power that is to aim. Indeed, the all-new Focus RS is a certified goal getter for Ford in its pursuit of manufacturing high-performance-hatch road bud.


Ford Focus RS 2016 seems to be made to push the limit of its muscle but also the driving ability of the one who drives it. Surprisingly, Ford Focus RS is only available with a manual transmission. It has a quick and precise six-speed box, wherein you'll be driving on highways with your cogs down low but still you can have all the pull even this Ford Focus RS is on the 6th wheel. Its clutch is so heavy that it carries out a very promising power for a car.

Ford Focus RS's 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four bring power that is simply enormous. Having this RS is like having 350 horses and or an impact of 3,459 pounds in one compact car. It is also equipped with a torque-vectoring system that only if on a single rear wheel can experience the engine's thrust up to 70 percent.

Compare to other road hitters, the Focus RS engine revolutionizes quicker and again with much power. Since we are talking about power, try to drop the clutch, step in to gas and watch the rising tach needle to see that 60 mph in just as span of 4.6 seconds. What also makes Ford Focus 2016 RS really great is that it has a drift changing software in it that can be a vast advantage when on tracks.

Amounting $40,000 each, some says that you can never go wrong with Ford Focus 2016 RS. Give yourself a dare and drive in the Ford Focus 2016 RS, the new king of all the hatches.

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