Bugatti Chiron Designer Chooses A Porsche 911 As Personal Car; Find Out The Reason Why

Sep 22, 2016 04:00 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is presented during the Bugatti press conference as part of the Geneva Motor Show 2016 on March 1, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Bugatti Chiron designer Achim Anscheidt was spotted driving not one of his creations but a Porsche 911 in a Sunday morning. The Bugatti Chiron is one of the best-looking cars nowadays that one might think one will always choose it over others But the fact that its own designer doesn't drive it is a really big irony. There's got to be a reason why.

Humble Beginning For A Humble Lifestyle

It is the definition of irony that the Bugatti Chrion designer doesn't choose to drive the car he himself designed. But the reason is simple, not many car designers earn enough to afford a Bugatti Chiron or a Veyron. Achim Anscheidt must conform to a more "mundane" machine, but no less special, to live a simple life as his career begun as simple too.

In an interview with Porsche, the designer told that he began his career as a specialist and acrobat, aboard a Suzuki motorcycle. Later on, Anscheidt clearly realized that he can’t drive motorcycles on into old age. He successfully got a scholarship to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and later on, he started working as a designer at the Style Center in Weissach in 1994.

Porsche 911 SC 1981

Achim Anscheidt's apple of his eye is a beautiful Porsche 911 SC 1981, lightened and strengthened for a classic beautiful look. It was bought years ago and the car needed a restoration as it has poor mechanical condition and body tear. Anscheidt then decided to transform it into the car of his dreams. He removed all equipment inside, leaving only the steering wheel, dashboard and seats in position. No radio, air conditioning, rear seats or isolation. Thanks to this, the car now weights only 820 kilograms, perfect for a six cylinder engine.

Originally, the 911's 3.0-liter boxer produced 180 hp, but Achim Anscheidt has boosted it to 290 hp, giving it stronger and faster performance. The designer professes he is a fan of minimalism, simple and practical. It is somewhat surprising, that he is the designer of one of the vehicles with the most complicated and powerful production of the moment. The Bugatti Chiron is a huge hyper car weighing two tons, 1,500 hp and the ability to reach 458 km/h.

More Cars And Still No Bugatti Chiron

Anscheidt has other cars in his garage to accompany the beautiful Porsche 911, but surprisingly, he still has no Chiron.

Achim Anscheidt normally works in Wolfsburg, but has a loft in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Normally he will just go on foot, by train, or bicycle but for simple days, he uses his daily driver, a Volkswagen Golf GTI. In addition to this, he also has the Bugatti Type 35 late 20's edition, a racing car that he acquired years ago with the intention of restoring it. Currently, he has restored about 60% of the car - no engine or gearbox still.

Considering that this man designed one of the most beautiful cars nowadays, Bugatti should at least gave him a Chiron as a company car. However, we are not complaining, the Porsche 911 SC 1981 is a sight to behold and it has a classic allure that will never fail.

Read the full interview with Bugatti Chiron's Designer Achim Anscheidt here

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