Corvette Z06 Vs Model S P90D Drag Race Rematch: World's Fastest Production Car To Lose?

Sep 20, 2016 09:49 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

New Z06 Corvette calls out Tesla P90D at Drag Strip to a Roll Race

(Photo : Tesla Racing Channel)

The new Tesla Model S P100D has become a regular at drag race circuits, where the EV's "fastest production car" attribute is put to test repeatedly and against several and often more illustrious rivals.

Particular mention can be made of a Corvette Z06 that was recently pitted against the Model S. Much to the astonishment of the Corvette owner, the Model S ended up being the faster of the two even though it was the P90D model and not the latest P100D. For the record, the P90D has a 0-60 mph timing of 2.65 secs while its bigger cousin, the P100D does the same distance in just 2.5 secs, which places it slam bang in supercar territory.

Coming back to the drag race, while the Model S P90D was off to a spirited start, what was even more impressive is the lead it ended up with against the Corvette.

As Auto Evolution mentioned, the answer to the Model S performance could be its Ludicrous Mode which aims to make the maximum amount of power available without getting into a wheelspin. That ensures all of the available power is converted into forward momentum, something that conventional traction control has often failed to achieve.

Maybe that's the reason the owner of the Corvette Z06 asked for a rematch, this time asking for a rolling start instead of starting from standing still. However, the Model S still emerged the winner though only this time the Corvette managed to close in the gap much better.

In another drag race, the more accomplished Model S P100D found itself up against the mighty Lamborghini Huracan. The difference couldn't have been more pronounced given that the Huracan is a proper supercar and costs as much. In comparison, the Model S is a luxury sedan but with supercar like abilities.

Further, while the Huracan is a screaming monster that needs huge gulps of gasoline to maintain the forward momentum, the Model S is svelte and silent with zero emissions.

As for the race, while the Model S is quicker off the block, the Huracan however does manages to outrun the Tesla but only in the final stages. Maybe, the Model S will have a better match in the Vitola supercar that the Raging Bull company is believed to working on next.

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