Nissan Skyline Sedan Converted To Monster R34 GT-R: How Okubo Factory Made A Tame Classic Into Godzilla

Sep 19, 2016 09:10 PM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Vintage Nissan Skyline

A vintage Nissan Skyline GTR is seen at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 at Makuhari Messe on January 9, 2015 in Chiba, Japan.
(Photo : (Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images))

Known as one of the most iconic versions of the Nissan Skyline , the GT-R R34 is a model that may seem impossible to improve at first sight. However Okubo Factory believes it needs a little more practically thus making a 4-door sedan out of the sportscar legend.

Checkout the photos from Okubo Factory's Official Facebook page now and see the transportation.

A Rigorous Process

The letters GT-R are synonymous with one of the great heroes in the automotive enthusiasts' circles. This Japanese sportscar was quite a legend appearing in games, movies and even the reacing world. And although it may seem like it was designed as a car for the whole family back in the fifties, with the passage of time it was given a sportier attribute thanks to its coupe version.

And now Okubo Factory has been put to work to make this GT-R model even more practical , making it a 4 - door sedan . And since no person in their right mind would dare to modify a GT-R Original, they have taken based on a familiar Skyline to accomplish this worthy radical change of a classic.

The result is striking, much more after seeing the entire image gallery where one can see the hard work Okubo Factory transforming the Nissan skyline is quite a messy process and the result is awesome. Unfortunately we do not know how much was improved in terms of power, the engine make is not publicized and who knows if it will be as fast as a GT-R R34 or even faster than this as with the GT-R Nismo Z 500 hp. The whole point was making a sedan out of it, anyway, and with this Okubo Factory succeeded.

Favorite of Tuners

Oddly enough this is not the first "clone" of the GT-R with an extra set of doors, some tuner were already much further by transforming a R35 GT-R in a family of ranchera type called "Station Wagons" that left everyone with an open mouth.

The current generation GT-R, one of the fastest cars accelerating cars in the world with 0-100km/h covered in 2.7 seconds in stock form is also a favorite of aftermarket tuners all over the world. It has been modifed from paint jobs, to engine modifications. The most powerful GT-R in the world today was tuned and claims to have 1200hp on standard fuel and almost 1600hp if run on race fuel or e85 Ethanol.

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