‘The Originals’ Season 4 Cancellation Rumors Spread; CW Cuts Episodes In Preparation For Series Finale?

Sep 08, 2016 05:38 AM EDT | Leian Kae Naduma


Despite cancellation rumors, "The Originals" was said to depend on a crossover with "The Vampire Diaries" to increase its viewership. Will the show remain? Will a brand new vampire, monster, and a crossover keep them on screen?

"The Originals" season four spoilers revealed that Klaus will be able to escape from Marcel's captivity for Hayley raised Hope to help him get out. Furthermore, a brand new vampire will join the cast, and a possible crossover from "The Vampire Diaries" may also come to play in the upcoming season.

Klaus's Captivity

Since "The Bloody Crown," "The Originals" season two will cover the still-captive Klaus Mikaelson, in the dungeon under the beck and call of his son, Marcel. Klaus was said to be the sole adviser of Marcel, a king that he does not see as such but is forced to serve.

Despite the complicated relationship between father and son, Marcel will force Klaus to believe that he is the primary reason why he is alive. Since Klaus arrived in New Orleans, countless monsters had been after him and Marcel wishes to make him believe that he has kept Klaus despite their bitterness towards each other.

In the upcoming "The Originals" season two, rumors are high that the show will start five years since season three. It was revealed that Hayley will resurrect Hope to help Klaus escape from the dungeon, reported International Business Times. Although the main character will get all the help he would need, his escape was deemed to be difficult.

A New Vampire and the Mikaelsons

Furthermore, it was revealed that a new vampire will join the cast. Although there has been no official revelation as to who this new vampire would be, the report indicated it may be Vincent, the character that Yusuf Gatewood was to play in "The Originals" season two. The said new vampire was said to have a grudge towards Klaus and would be a new villain for the show.

It was also reported that Klaus's siblings, Rebekah, Freya, Elijah, Kol, and himself will have another challenge as they would be bound to battle a greater force than themselves.

In other news, The TV Addict reported that since "The Vampire Diaries" was to be cancelled after its eighth season, a crossover of the show and "The Originals" may happen come season two.

The report indicated that since "The Vampire Diaries" has significantly low ratings, the crossover may help save the series from being cancelled and increase viewership for both series.

"The Originals" season two will air on the CW this coming January 2017.

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