‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Spoilers And Release Date News: Eren’s Titan Takes On Zeke’s Ape Titan

Sep 08, 2016 05:35 AM EDT | Leian N.


Anime fans had been anticipating "Attack on Titan" season two since the first installment's season finale. Since then, few spoilers were released for the show. However, provided here are details on the show's official release date, leaks, and updates on what the anime fans can expect for its second season.

The Storyline

Judging from the first season, the upcoming "Attack on Titan" season two was said to focus more on the character of Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin - friends who form part of Survey Corp, as reported by iTech Post. The storyline will follow these three character's journeys, mishaps, and an upcoming transformation that is said to shock the audience.

It was also reported that the anime's story will cover the origin of the Titans and the controversial walls of that world. Furthermore, it was revealed that Krista and her family will also get relevant screen time come season two along with Reiss's since the latter would form part of Eren's life on the walls.

Character Updates

"Attack of Titan" season two will also introduce brand new characters, specifically new Titans. One of which was named as the character Zeke who has a lot of commonalities with the main character Eren. It was also revealed that the audience can expect Zeke to change into a Titan come season two but would be able to control his transformation.

Such changes to Zeke's identity would also come with his increased intelligence that would make him more susceptible to Eren. Given that, spoilers revealed that Eren and Zeke may go against each other in the upcoming season.

Season 1 vs Season 2

In other news, Christian Times reported that the story for "Attack on Titan" season two would be distinct and different from what was shown in the show's first installment. Furthermore, it was revealed that the upcoming season would come as a shock to anime fans even if it will start where it left off in season one.

The said story arcs that were covered in "Attack on Titan" season one were "Fall of Shiganshina," "104th Training Corps," "The Female Titan," and "Battle of Trost District." The latest season was also said to tackle four more story arcs for the anime fans as well. The season itself was expected to tackle around 36 chapters.

"Attack on Titan" season two is expected to release on February 2017.

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