Michael Schumacher Update: Ex-F1 Priest Reveals Champion's Health Condition

Sep 08, 2016 04:00 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


Michael Schumacher, considered the best driver in the history of F1 racing, recently achieved the 25th anniversary milestone of his first debut on the F1 world. However, he didnt get the chance to celebrate this as the driver's health is still in bad condition, with recent reports stating that he will need a miracle to recover. 

Schumacher, a 7-time F1 world title winner for the Ferrari team, suffered a serious accident while skiing late in 2013 and was in a coma for several months. Even though a recent interview from former head of Ferrari and Schumacher's close friend Jean Todt revealed that the legendary driver is responding well to medicine, nobody really knows the exact health condition of Schumacher and fans are just getting little bit of information from the driver's close friends.

Ex-Formula 1 Priest Speaks About Schumacher

Recently, Don Sergio Mantovani an ex-Formula 1 priest revealed that Michael Schumacher's health is still in dire straits but he is a real fighter. The priest then said that he knows more about the F1 driver but wouldn't like to disclose the information to the public yet.

"Everybody loves Michael, he is stil a hero here and will continue to remain in our heart because of his strong dedication and personality. I have been praying for his health and only God knows why he has been exposed to this kind of a suffering" Mantovani added.

Schumacher Needs A Miracle To Recover

F1's Gerd Krämer also provided people with some information about Schumacher and unfortunately, he said that Schumacher is in a more than difficult situation nowadays. A miracle is needed for him to be able to race again or even just to go out in public. He is paralyzed, unable to speak and has memory problems, as well.

Requests for Privacy

The tragedy changed Schumacher life and that of his family. Thus, Schumacher's family has requested for continuous privacy, and for the public to respect their decision not to give statements about the driver's condition. They did, however, assure fans of the F1 driver that a team of the best doctors are looking after Schumacher 24/7, and that they are doing all they can for the legendary Formula One racer to recover.

Hopefully, fans will get an official update on Michael Schumacher's condition soon. Until then, people should respect the family's decision and just send prayers and love so that the legendary racer can get the miracle he needs to fully recover.

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