Tesla Is The Best Camping Car:Details And Analysis

Aug 23, 2016 12:20 PM EDT | Jomar Teves


The Tesla S has been positively received as the Tesla Model S for an atypical reason, and that is because it has been found to be great for sleeping. For outing purposes, one might wonder as to why they would want to sleep in their car rather than in the comfort of a hotel room.

Others also believe that sleeping in their cars ends up being a choice to be convenient. While there is no ideal way to run the Air Conditioner, you might as well have to leave the windows open for effective circulation.

This, however, has proven to cause mosquitoes to come in and leave you having mosquito bites all over. This case, however, does not exist among cars powered with batteries.

While it needs some tweaking to get the Model S running without someone sitting on the Driver's seat, you can get your vehicle's air filter and climate control panels working should you use it for camping. In doing so, you only get to expend 7% of the battery of your car, giving you more than enough power before having to charge again.

The camp resulted to a great experience outdoors, as those who tried it out were able to sleep securely and comfortably, with a great view of what was out in the woods. This was also made possible through the wide windows of the Model S.

Some Model S seats, however, do not fold entirely flat, which would sometimes require improvising. Another vehicle which is expected to be announced soon is the Tesla Minibus, and it is poised to be the ultimate car for camping.

It is said that it would be inspired by the VW Minibus, a popular road-tripping vehicle from the 1960's. Tesla's battery-powered vehicles have allowed a love for road trips to proliferate among car owners.

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