Tesla's 100kWh Battery Wins Dutch Approval, Will Power P100D Models

Aug 16, 2016 08:33 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Tesla is reported to have already won the approval of the Dutch Vehicle Approval Authority over the use of the new 100kWh battery. According to Kenteken, the higher capacity battery will allow for Tesla vehicles to travel more than 381 miles on a single charge.

Tesla however is yet to officially acknowledge the development, including plans to launch versions of its existing models with a higher range. In fact, the carmaker is even accused of having downgraded the software of the Model S belonging to one Jason Hughes, the hacker who had managed to gain prior knowledge of the existence of a 100kWh backed Model S.

All of that happened back in March and the latest that is known about the 100kWh battery pack is that it will have a rating of around 381 miles. That does make for a healthy improvement considering that the present Tesla P90 models can easily do 316 miles on a single charge.

However, as Green car Report have mentioned, that 381 miles range predicted for the 100kWh battery has been calculated via the NEDC test cycles and might suffer a downgrade as per EPA certification that is applicable in the US. As such, a range of around 310-320 seems more likely in actual real world conditions.

Also, at least six 100kWh battery enabled Tesla vehicles have found mention in the EU database, which includes three each of the Model S and Model X. As such, both the models are expected to be the immediate recipients of the larger battery pack. Whether the latest Model 3 too will join the 100kWh party is something that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the new battery pack is only expected to increase the range of the cars with the individual motor output remaining the same at 90 kilowatts. However, the enhanced power coupled to the Ludicrous upgrade should see the future P100D Teslas accelerating even faster than the P90Ds.

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