Mercedez-Benz, Pokemon GO Partnership? Catch Pokemons In Their Showrooms!

Jul 28, 2016 06:02 AM EDT | Eve C.


The Pokemon GO craze continues to invade the globe. Aside from taking advantage of the devices' capabilities, Niantic adds spice to the use of mobile phones by introducing this interactive game. Even the German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, have noticed the effect of the app to the public.

This augmented-reality mobile game catches the attention of the tech-savvy users who spend most of their time on their beloved smartphones. As a result, the gigantic car company has taken the opportunity of integrating the app into their showrooms.

The move must be a smart way to promote their cars. So, how does it work? Mercedes-Benz took advantage of the free-to-play mobile game by allowing "lure models" to attract the obsessed players.

Those who are already on their way to be a Pokemon master should already know the term. However, for the benefit of every reader, Deccan Chronicle wrote that "lure models" gives the players the chance to catch 'em all Pokemons without moving too much.

Additionally, it also provides the gamers the opportunity to seek the hidden creatures without breaking a sweat; but it has a limited time of 30 minutes. Mercedes-Benz must have thought that this is a perfect tactic to engage the potential buyers into a solid dealership.

Moreover, Merc dealers, along with its employed local communications channels and other media platforms can now register their branches as one of the Poker stops on the Pokemon GO online portal.

To start the campaign, the company gives out manuals to the dealers about this wonderful partnership. Furthermore, the dealers must spread the information to the public.

From the Western to the Eastern, Pokemon GO has created a huge trend that caters not just for the millennials, but also for those who are very nostalgic of Ash Ketchum and the rest of the Pokemon gang.

If Mercedes-Benz decided to include the widely popular game to win the competition, then readers must wait for other car companies if they would do it too.

Meanwhile, those who would like to try the game may download the app via iTunes App Store or Android Google Play.

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