Ford Stopping F-150 Production And Halts Operation For One Week?

May 01, 2016 11:16 PM EDT | Alexa Parker


Just like any other companies, even the mighty production line of Ford Motors is struggling. It has been noted that Ford's F-150 production and distribution is at risk owing to the mechanical issues detected on its assembly line.

The scenario is already in the minds of those that have made Ford Motors F-150 from the ground and up. However, as reality sets in, that's when the apprehensions begin for the workers and craftsmen of the F-150 segment. According to Automotive News, the F-150 assembly line will have to suspend its operations for a week in Missouri until the mechanical issues are resolved and dealt with.

Otherwise, the production for the F-150 will continue to stop until all problems are fixed. Moreover, the temporary production is bringing scrutiny for the corporation since the F-series inventory is almost reaching its highest level in nearly a decade.

According to the same post, the workers that are designated to work with the F-150 at Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant will temporarily stop operation on the week of May 9 and resume operation on May 16, and at the same time, the company will initiate maintenance schedules as well.

We took a look at our inventory levels on F-150 and said we can afford to do that now," Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas, said in an interview. "We want to be able to run better for the rest of the year."

Kansas City Star cited the official statement from Ford regarding the firm's directives to ensure that safety and proper measures are undertaken. Although the operation is halted, it is better rathar than deal with other unforeseeable safety and maintenance issues for the rest of the year.

It is indispensable that Ford sees the problem and has detected it. Also, the car firm aims on addressing the existing issues to ensure that operations will resume in the coming weeks. It stands to reason that the mechanical issues detected on the assembly line is placing a negative impact for the production and is hurting the distribution and the entire operation of the plant.

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