Tesla Destination Charging Stations Expands In UK And Europe

Apr 26, 2016 05:00 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


Tesla is preparing the road and paving the coming of the Model 3 by affirming the additional destinations that will have charging stations. Areas such as UK and Europe have all been affirmed to hold the charging stations.

It stands out that Tesla would be implementing its charging scheme for the regions and areas in the UK and a projected hundred sites are expected to cater the charging of EV's, reports Auto Express.

The same report added on to note that the move was set to ensure that Tesla cars have the options to charge their cars when they are out. The supercharging stations are depicting Tesla's move to dominate not only the roads but even the charging stations as well. The mass numbers of charging stations are also showcasing Tesla's commitment for excellent service and promoting ease for consumers.

In addition, the Destination Chargers can offer additional 58 miles of range per hour, making Tesla one of the most consumer friendly firms out there. The move has already begun since nearly 1,900 locations are already firmly in placed in the US. As for Europe, there are already 150 locations that are distributed in 14 different nations in Europe, but the call to add more has reached Tesla's ears as well.

In line with that, Tesla has done the preliminary setup to ensure the plan implementation for UK in the forthcoming months and even the consumers are given directives on where to access more data regarding the charging stations.

On a different note, this is not the only project and plan that Tesla has integrated. Teslarati reports that Elon Musk has met with the Norwegian minister of transportation and communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and notions of a collaborative works between the two sectors have been escalating.

To prove the laltter, Musk said, "I'm super excited about being able to produce a car that most people can afford. And there will be future cars that are even more affordable down the road, but, with something like the Model 3, it's designed such that roughly half the people will be able to afford the car. Then, with fourth generation and smaller cars, we'll ultimately be in the position where everyone will be able to afford the car."

It is undeniable that Tesla is constantly searching for innovations and various means to showcase their commitment and gain supremacy and of the means was the installation of the Tesla destination charging stations wherein UK and the Europe would experience first hand.

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