Elon Musk Attempts To Solve Commuter Problems With Self-Driving Buses Via Tesla Mobility

Apr 25, 2016 05:21 AM EDT | Vanessa Doctor


Elon Musk is planning to take self-driving vehicles to the next level by providing autonomous buses. The Tesla CEO is aiming to change public transportation for the benefit of everyone.

According to the billionaire, Tesla is coming up with a new self-driving vehicle that may replace buses and minimize traffic congestion in cities.

In a report by Bloomberg, Musk said during a conference in Norway that they are planning to make an autonomous vehicle that is not exactly a bus, but will solve the density issue in cities. He continued that he cannot reveal much about the project and has to be careful about his statements.

“I very much agree with solving the high-density urban transport problem. There’s a new type of car or vehicle that would be great for that and that’ll actually take people to their final destination and not just the bus stop,” said Musk.

In a report by Bloomberg, Musk said during a conference in Norway that they are planning to make an autonomous vehicle that is

However, Musk hinted that the new vehicle will offer better services compared to city buses by taking commuters to specific areas and not bus stops. The idea appears to be a combination of regular bus and taxi services. Previously, the Tesla head said that creating car tunnels would help solve traffic congestion.

Recently, Tesla Motor’s Inc. provided smarter electric cars and garnered 400,000 pre-orders for Model 3 electric car, its newest product geared towards the mass market. Musk is also delving into using Hyperloop, a speedy concept train, in transporting people from one city to another using pods placed inside tubes. Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. also aims to bring people to planet Mars someday.

The Huffington Post notes that several other groups and individuals are also aiming to improve public transportation. Cities around the globe like Lausanne, Switzerland, Wageningen, Netherlands and Zhengzhou, China are currently working on the creation of self-driving vehicles for public transportation. Billionaire Warren Buffett also supported projects that will eventually introduce all-electric buses to various cities in the United States. New Zealand is also introducing more electric vehicles, including its entire bus fleet.

Not a lot of details about Musk’s new self-driving public transport are available in the meantime, but Tesla is expected to feature the specifications and capabilities soon. If the project is successfully introduced, cities around the world will hopefully enjoy less congestion.

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