Can Nissan Leaf Concept Car Really Read Minds?

Apr 16, 2016 07:10 AM EDT | Victor Thomson


Nissan has created an exciting "mind-reading" Nissan Leaf car concept that can project the thoughts of its drivers on the road.

When Nissan first released its Leaf, the car caused plenty of buzz because of it was marketed to the masses as an affordable electric car. Since then the Nissan Leaf has proved its worth on the road.

According to the website, now Nissan continues to make new waves with a Leaf concept that can "read minds" of its drivers and project driver thoughts on the road.

This is a special-edition concept car that is part of the Leaf's 5th anniversary celebration. The project will use a headset to scan the driver's brain waves and project a real-time message in a comic format on the road.

According to CNET, Nissan already strapped 30 electric vehicle first time users behind the wheel of its special Leaf, to showcase its latest innovation. Headsets measured the drivers' alpha and beta brainwaves, translating the users' "thoughts" to one of 33 different messages displayed outside the car.

The publication PC Mag is explaining that you still have to drive in Nissan's version of the "mind-reading car." Nissan's Leaf concept is not a driverless car. The only mind-reading part is sensing how the driver feels and projecting outside the car the image of that reaction.

It is not clear how the "mind reading" Leaf concept might benefit a driver. The messages projected might be more useful if they could warn others about a potential road rage incident. However, reactions in Nissan's demo video have been largely positive.

In Nissan's experiment one curious part of is that the driver can't see at all the visuals or words projected. Rather than appearing on the car's windshield, the messages are being projected to the left and right of the vehicle. If the driver takes his eyes off the road to amid the projections, this could be quite distracting. 

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