Cellebrite's 'Textalyzer' Could Prevent Distracted Drivers And Save Lives In NYC

Apr 13, 2016 04:10 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen


With the aid of forensics mobile technology, roadside police can use a tool to analyze whether or not a driver's smartphone was recently used prior to a crash or accident. Aside from that, there's a new bill being proposed to legalize the use of such devices.

One of the newest breakthroughs being introduced in New York City to support the "No texting while driving" campaign for people involved in vehicular accidents would be that of Cellebrite's Textalyzer app, according to MSN. This technology allows a glimpse into the involved person's use of the smartphone before or during an accident. In the event the technology gets approved, officers can then use the app to check if the phone was used which led to distracted driving.

Just like the Breathalyzer, which have been most helpful over the years in assisting roadside police, assess and evaluate alcohol consumption levels, Israeli tech firm Cellebrite have already employed the use of the forensics mobile technology. The company, however, needs further study on certain features of the app to ensure the user's constitutional rights won't get violated unintentionally.

On the other hand, the New York Senate Transportation Committee has the proposed legislation on hand, and currently working on specific regulations relating to the provision of privacy and without any involvement of electronic scans of sensitive personal data (like contacts or phone numbers) that could be viewed on the device in custody, in a PC Mag post.

"Respecting drivers' personal privacy [is] important, and we are taking meticulous steps to not violate those rights," Ben Lieberman said, Distracted Operators Risk Casualties (DORCs) co-founder, whose teenage son Evan died in a crash almost 5 years ago. The accident which took his son's life was a result of a distracted driver, and Lieberman has been taking steps to ensure that "Evan's Law" be passed as a reminder to everyone to take extra precautionary measures while travelling on the road.

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