Google Seeks Market For Self-driving Cars

Apr 26, 2012 02:44 PM EDT

Google wants to produce self-driving cars in United States within the next decade, if global automakers lend their hand to help bring it up to reality.

At the Society of Automotive Engineers conference held in Detroit, the Internet giant sent out a message that an experimental project of self-driving cars for senior citizens and physically challenged can be made possible given a support from global car makers.

“There’s not a single car maker with whom we never had a talk. We have spoken to every car manufacturer in the world to see what their opinion on the self-driving car which we successfully tested very recently," said Anthony Levandowski, Project Chief of Self-driving Cars in Google.

"The approach was also to see what their excitement and their judgement on the concept of self-driving. It was indeed overwhelming. Google is extremely happy to see the result of all the appreciation. We also admit on this occasion that the self-driving cars are not yet completely ready to take on the road. Still there are millions of testing need to done to meet the accuracy,” Levandowski said.

Some sources reported, on the other hand, that the world class auto makers are working out on their own version of self-driving cars and the feasibility of the technology. It is not yet clear whether these auto makers would love to participate in Google’ self-driving project.

“Google is still not decided on how to market the concept in the real market. Whether the self-driving cars would make any difference to anyone? Or not? Are still big questions for us. At the same time, the software which controls these self systems has millions of technical snags too and being an engineer I think those can be solved. But definitely it will take some more time may be a decade. Not only that the self driving system has hardware issues too. Other problems such cost reliability and the perfection results of sensors fitted in the car. When we solve millions of question like these then I have completely hope that by the next decade people will get to sit in their own self-driving car,” said Levandowski at the conference.

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