Jul 10, 2017 05:11 AM EDT
Elon Musk Continues To Fuel Up The Hype For Tesla Model 3

Tesla Chief Elon Musk continues to tease about the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3. The chief posted new teaser photos showing off the reality of the production models of the new electric vehicle.

Musk took to his official Twitter account several updates on the new Tesla Model 3. He announced that they have built the production unit 1 of the new model and is now undergoing final checkout.

The chief also posted a new teaser photo of the new model in black body paint. He captioned the photo with "First Production Model 3."

This teaser photo further fueled the hype of the followers of the upcoming model as reflected in the comments on the tweet. Fans of the new car expressed their excitement and admiration, calling the car "stunning" and asking Musk to deliver the unit soon.

Furthermore, the image was taken from an angle just above the ground that gives a preview of the side, the final gorgeous wheels and front of the new car. Looking at the comments on the tweet, there was even a request for a new photo to reveal the other sections of the new Tesla Model 3.

Musk then graciously gave in to the request of the fans and posted another teaser photo. The new image still shows the same left side of the Model 3, but this time, showing the full side view of the car, including the taillights.

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 has been confirmed to come out on July 28. The automaker also announced that only 30 units can be finished on this date.

The company has revealed that they have received 380,000 pre-bookings for the new model. Tesla committed to serve the balance of the pre-bookings by next year.

Musk has earlier tweeted their production plans for the most-awaited model. He has announced that they can see an exponential growth in the production of the Tesla Model 3, claiming a monthly output of 20,000 units beginning in December this year and onwards.



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