May 25, 2017 07:42 AM EDT
New Microsoft Surface Pro Boasts Of Its 800 New Parts Inside!

The new Microsoft Surface Pro has just been launched in China. The 800 improvements inside the hardware were introduced by the Surface chief Panos Panay.

Microsoft held a special event on May 23 in China. The company took center stage the debut of the new Surface Pro and highlighted the new hardware powering up the new device.

The software giant posted a video of Panay's presentation on the official YouTube account of the brand. Unfortunately, the live streaming did not push through due to a connectivity issue.

In the video, Panay began his speech with how Shanghai has evolved with great technology advancements. Then, he discussed the evolution of the Surface Pro series.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a beautifully crafted design. It has a 12.3-inch screen and weighs only 1.69lbs (770g), which also marks another milestone for being the lightest Surface Pro created.

The newly launched device is extremely phenomenal as it sports 800 new parts. Panay explained that these new parts are essential to make the new Surface Pro be "faster, more powerful, lighter and more intuitive."

With regard to performance, the new device is 2.5 times faster than the Surface Pro 3. The company also claims that the battery life of the new Surface Pro is 13.5 hours, which is 50 percent longer lifespan than the current Surface Pro 4.

The new device also functions as a mobile creative studio, featuring a vibrant 12.3-inch PixelSense touch display. The new Surface Pen and Surface Dial are supported by the new display.

Interestingly, the company boasts that the new Surface Pen is the fastest digital pen ever created. With this new Surface Pen, users can leverage new inking features in the Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

In a previous interview, Panay has also clarified that they will not be launching a Surface Pro 5. The chief also emphasized to BBC that people should understand that the upcoming device is not the Pro 5 and it is simply called the new Surface Pro.



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