Feb 19, 2017 09:53 AM EST
BMW Motorrad and Lego Team Up to Build a Flying Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad and Lego Technic joined forces to build a full-scale flying motorcycle. The model is called the Hover Ride Design Concept.

Hover Ride Design Concept. The German automobile manufacturer's design department has a Junior Company for your designers to perfect their talents before they can move on to become professionals. Auto Express reported that interns and trainees of the junior company constructed a flying motorcycle model called the Hover Ride Design Concept. They did this in collaboration with Lego Technic.

The full-scale concept model's basis is the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. Initially, the junior company of the German auto manufacturer teamed up with Lego to create an alternative version of the toymaker's 603-part plastic replica. The results were magnificent!

Maxim reported that Lego Technic offers 2-in-1 kits that allow customers to build one of two finished products from a single kit. This was the team's motivation to produce the Hover Ride.

Using the very same pieces found in the kits, the two were able to come up with a hovering variant of the original toy. The finished product was such a success that the BMW trainees in Munich were tasked to develop the real thing.

The real thing, however, is not yet a full-functioning entity. The Hover Ride Design concept is just a full-scale model of the original toy. It has specially built propellers that help it fly. It also gives the world a glimpse of how an actual hoverbike will look like and operate.

The Hover Ride Design Concept is on public display at Lego World in Copenhagen. It will soon move to various sites of the German automaker.

BMW and Lego Technic really made a valiant effort to bring the world a flying motorcycle. Hopefully, in the future, this will be available sooner than later. What do you think about the flying motorcycle? Share your thoughts and comments below.



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