Jan 09, 2017 09:31 AM EST
Gas Tax Is Not a Joke for Ford GT Users

Regardless of what kind of car people use every day, they always consume liters of gas in order to function. Sometimes, the better the car is, the more gas it consumes in order to run on the road. That's exactly what happened with Ford's 2017 model of the GT series.

The latest installment of Ford's GT series is bound to be release sometime this year. The Ford 2017 GT is bound to surpass its successors with its performance. Its engine pumps up fifty more horsepower than its predecessor, making its engine power up to 600 horsepower. The engine is powered up by a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 engine; quite similar with the F-150 Raptor's engine. With this kind of engine, the 2017 GT series is bound to have an expected maximum speed of 200mph.

Because of its specifics and improved performance that the other GT series, its fuel usage will pose a bit of a problem. The Ford 2017 GT model will consume at least $2,600 worth of Gas Guzzler Tax in order to run. According to the EPA, the 2017 GT will return at least 11mpg when in the city and 18mpg when on the highway. This results in a 14mpg rating on the EPA. The $2,600 Gas Tax is not a joke for its use.

Along with the 2017 GT, there are other cars that are on par or even greater than the GT in terms of fuel consumption. The McLaren 570S consumes about  20mpg when on the highway and 16mpg when in the city. The Lamborghini runs around 21mpg for city use while 14mpg for the highway. These cars use a turbocharged V8 engine, which is commonly used for trucks, sports cars, luxury cars, and pickup trucks.

Ford is on the way to producing the 2017 GT series for customers this year. The automaker company hasn't announced the final specifications for its aside from its 600 horsepower. An estimated price range of it will be around $400,000 for this luxury car. The company aims to deliver the best vehicle with the best power-weight ratio to the market. Despite all these, it is clear that Ford didn't take into account the fuel economy when designing the 2017 GT. Since there's still no final change, people can expect possible changes with the car's design.



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