Nov 29, 2016 07:03 AM EST
Christmas Shoppers Hit Malls in Waves; What’s the Best Gift for Mom and Dad?

Christmas season brings hordes of shoppers to malls as they rummage for the best gifts to their loved ones, especially their parents. For people who know their parents well, choosing a gift will be easy but for those who consider their parents aliens, finding the right gift can take a long time.

For people who are living on a tight budget, finding a store that offers lay away plans will allow them to give their parents a costly gift without spending all their cash on it. With lay away plans, customers can pay on an installment basis for gifts that they want to give to their parents.

In a lay away plan, the customer can make a down payment of 15% of the price and 3% percent service fee to make sure that the item will not be sold. The customer can pay the item on installment basis and after it is flly paid, the item will be released to him, according to The Balance.

For people who cannot afford to buy a gift even on lay away basis, making something for their parents will be a good idea. Several suggestions about the best gifts for parents have come out as Christmas Season approaches.

One meaningful gift is giving one's parents a time off from doing household chores and letting them have fun or relax watching their favorite movies or parents can be taken out to a fancy dinner. This deviates from their usual routine and these gifts will be appreciated, according to U.S. News

One reason why people finds it difficult to select a Christmas gift for their parents is that they do not know how to put into words the love they felt for their parents, according to artist and author Harlen Miller.

A simple Christmas card with personalized greetings or a thank you letter to one's parents for their love can make every parent's Christmas season special.



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