Sep 14, 2016 06:29 AM EDT
Volkswagen To Showcase New Range Of Electric Vehicles At The Upcoming Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen said it will have a new range of electric vehicles on display at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Elaborating further, the company also stated they are attempting a minimum range of 248 miles or 400 kilometers for their EV, which would likely be for smaller A or B segment cars. This would pitch the Golf-sized car in the same segment as the Bolt or the Tesla Model 3. 

VW stated its top-end models will stretch further to all the way up to 372 miles or 600 miles. That again is expected to be applicable to SUVs, which have the space to accommodate additional batteries to add to the vehicle's range.

Speaking to Auto Express, Volkswagen's Sales and Marketing head Jürgen Stackmann further revealed that the carmaker is attempting new manufacturing and vehicle assembling procedures that should lead to significantly reduced production costs.

The company also stated the cost thus saved will be passed on to the buyers so that the pure electric vehicles will still be as cost efficient as their regular gasoline or diesel counterparts. The company is also looking for cost-effective means of mass producing Li-Ion batteries to further drive down the cost. VW believes there is scope for pushing the cost of the Li-Ion batteries 30 to 40 percent more.

The German manufacturer further revealed all the electric cars would be based on the new MEB platform that has been specifically designed to underpin electric vehicles of the future.

Eventually, there will be a vehicle the size of a Golf, a compact CUV, the Budd-e van and a vehicle that is expected to replace the luxurious Phaeton, Motor1 reported. However, it is likely to be around 2025 for all the above models to reach.

VW brand head Herbert Diess had earlier predicted the debut of the Golf-sized EV which will have the interior space of a Passat is almost production-ready and is set to hit showrooms by early 2019 itself.

However, the AutoCar report contradicts the above stating that the earliest for the small EV to hit streets would be 2020 as it enters production lines only towards 2019. Maybe there will be further clarification on this at the Paris event.



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