Aug 19, 2016 10:17 AM EDT
Ford Goes Head to Head With Tesla: New EVs Under Planning

It is living proof that electric vehicles will soon be the trend of the near future, as what has Tesla experienced over the past few years with the Tesla Model S. It shows that there is a growing market segment in the industry today, and this gave an impression to other car manufacturers that it is a good plan to work on it.

Tesla serves as the pioneer by which it made the production of electric vehicles be a more practical approach in the long end, as it motivates other car manufacturers to invest more dollars in the research and development processes in producing auto driving electric vehicles.

As of now, Ford is arguably one of the biggest names in the industry to take on the new challenge of producing self-driving cars or even electric vehicles in the near future. Based on the statements released by Reuters, Ford hopes to release to the market a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles by the year 2021, in hopes to support ride sharing.

Ford is currently increasing the number of workers who are inside the research team, as well as setting sights on larger investments in AI expert companies located in the Silicon Valley. However, this should be taken with patience because even though fully autonomous cars will be the thing of the near future, there are still lots of regulatory challenges that need to be addressed before this becomes a fully legal trend in a wide scale.

The ride sharing vision that Ford is spreading to the world is also subject to scrutiny as it still needs to improve its marketability.

Whichever the case may be, one thing is sure to happen, and that it will truly be wonderful and a true spectacle to experience an armada of fully autonomous driving vehicles to be on the majority of roads.



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