Apr 26, 2016 05:30 AM EDT
Ford Embraces Competition, Apple’s Move To Join The Car Trading Business Heightens

Ford is still adamantly wondering and indecisive on whether Steve Job's company is venturing the car trading business but it is prepared to embrace the competition. Others have been thinking that Apple is preparing to launch its car segments by surprise but that notion remained unconfirmed.

Although it remains vague and Apple released no affirmation, the speculation is still rising. A report from Trusted Reviews shared that Ford's CEO Mark Fields also reflected on the possibility that Apple could be developing its own car segment but he still has no concrete evidence of Apple's undisclosed automotive project.

To prove the latter, Fields said, "I read what everybody else reads in the paper. Our working assumption is that they are, and that again provides us the right motivation to make sure that we stay very focused, not only on the product, but overall on the experience that the customer has."

BBC News also relayed that the mere idea did cross almost every company's mind. Owing to the fact that Apple enlisted the skills and services of Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering and Aston Martin chief engineer, Chris Porritt, the news further ignited the interest of any consumers out there.

 "We are viewing that as an opportunity not as a threat and there will be some things [we can do] on our own to be able to satisfy those customer needs that technology enables," Fields added. While Apple remains tight lipped on the issue of developing its own segment, Ford's CEO believes that by being focused and prepared, the competition would be on an even footing and ground.

Whether the threat is real or fictional, it did neither ebb nor diminished Ford's vision for growth and success and if the authenticity is revealed and affirmed that Apple is indeed crafting its own EV car, that is a motivation and not viewed by Ford as a threat.



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